My New Nikon Coolpix P900

Specs at a Glance

  • 16MP CMOS Sensor
  • 24-2000mm 35mm Equivalent Focal Length
  • 83x Optical Zoom NIKKOR Super ED VR Lens
  • Vari-Angle TFT LCD Screen
  • Electronic Viewfinder
  • Dual Detect Optical VR
  • Full HD 1080/60p Video
  • Built-In Wi-Fi, NFC, and GPS
  • Auto & Full Manual Exposure Control

Photography has always been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember but I would say for the past two or so years I have been taking it seriously/professionally. I have a Nikon D3000 & as much as I do love it, I can’t afford to buy different lenses for it when I need them or keep switching from one to the other.

I had a look on the market what was out there and came across the Nikon Coolpix P900. The only bad reviews I could see is that it can’t shoot in Raw format. For myself, I wouldn’t be fussed about it. I did my research through online forums & Youtube videos. From what was said & the images shown, I was sold.

I bought mine from Amazon along with a remote control for the camera too. I received it yesterday (Friday 2nd of June ’17)

I have attached a few of my photos that I have taken so far with it. If you wish to use this for any purposes, please ensure to credit me. @Steph_Sophie91 and/or Steph Palmer.



I’m Learning Korean!

Been keeping busy since the last time I posted! One main thing that I’ve been doing is studying Korean.


A few reasons –

  1. It all started with my love for K-Pop music.
    (2NE1, BigBang, Super Junior, EXO, Girls Generation, TVXQ! & Psy among others) I really got into the music & wanted to actually understand what was being sung. I’d look at the lyrics in all forms – English, Hangul & Romanized to understand it all. English so I know what is being said, Romanized for the pronunciation & Hangul more so for the writing of the words.
  2. At the moment, I’m fluent in Spanish but would love to learn more/another language.
  3. I’ve always wanted to travel the world. After taking a look into Korea (Seoul), I’ve already fallen in love with the city just by looking at other peoples blog posts on it, the reviews of a few places around & without a doubt, a look at the food it has to offer! Would love to have the chance to visit one day or even be able to teach.

How I’m Learning:

I’m aiming on sticking to one or two methods at the most within time but currently switching between these websites & apps while taking a load of notes:

  1. Learn Hangul Focusing on the pronunciation of the letters & words
  2. Learn Hangul in 15 Minutes For myself personally, I found this an easy way to remember most of the letters
  3. How to Study Korean This has 133 FREE lessons. From learning Hangul to full on grammar! 100% recommend
  4. Korean Language & Culture Blog
  5. Korlink for Android Korlink is the free unofficial app for people that want to follow the Korean lessons found on on their Android phone. There is also a link for the TTMIK book store where you can purchase phrasebooks & grammar textbooks to help you along even more.
  6. Korlink for iPhone
  7. Learn Korean for Android This app provides helpful phrases for every day life such as Introductions, Numbers, Greetings, Going to a Restaurant, Directions & more. It also provides a grammar section with 49 sections. Hypothetical situations, Intentions & Plans, Tenses & Basic Sentence structure among others.

I’m currently studying Hangul in more depth & while I can recognise a good few letters, I’m just getting my head around the grammar. For example, to say something along the lines of “Could I have a banana please?”, you would just say “바나나 주세요” which would translate to “Banana, please?”

My way of recognising the letters:

ㅂ(B): Looks like a bunkbed

ㅎ(H): Looks like a person with a hat on their head

ㄷ(D): Looks like a door/drawer

ㅁ(M): Looks like a map
(OK, I know it’s just a square but you gotta use your imagination!)

ㄹ(R/L): Lying Rattle Snake
(Thought this was like the Snake game most of us had on our good ol’ Nokia phones back in the day! Lying -down- as that’s what snakes do)


Hey, whatever helps you to learn! 😛 

What was your method to learning Korean? Whether you’re living in Korea or learning it yourself, would you have any advice for starters like myself?

Make sure to follow me for more! 🙂 I may even post some of my progress on my Youtube channel once I actually get somewhere with learning.



Tegan & Sara Live!

For those who haven’t heard of them before – Tegan & Sara are a Canadian indie pop sister duo composed of identical twin sisters Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Keirsten Quin. They were born in Calgary, Albert but now reside between Vancouver & Los Angeles.

The show began with Canadian support act Ria Mae hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia at 19.30pm. The second support act Alex Lahey from Melbourne, Australia came on at 20.15pm. I unfortunately missed Ria but made it for Alex. I must say, she was amazing. You could tell the songs she performed were from the heart & had deep meaning behind them.

Tegan & Sara then started the show at 21.15pm. They opened with “Back in Your Head”.


  1. Back in your Head
  2. I couldn’t be your Friend
  3. How Come
  4. Drove me Wild
  5. Goodbye
  6. That Girl
  7. White Knuckles
  8. Fool
  9. Shock
  10. Alligator
  11. North Shore
  12. Living Room
  13. The Con
  14. Call it Off
  15. I was Married
  16. 19
  17. Hang on to the Night
  18. BWU
  19. U-Turn
  20. Boyfriend
  21. Closer
  22. 100x
  23. Ghost
  24. Stop Desire

A few of the photos from the night

I would greatly appreciate it if you use these photos for any purposes, to credit myself. On Instagram & Twitter, I am @Steph_Sophie91. 


Tegan Quin


Sara Quin

Ria Mae


Alex Lahey

Dublin Chinese New Year Festival

I had the best time on Sunday 5th of February! There was a Chinese New Year Festival held in The CHQ building in Dublin from 12pm – 6pm.


They had a variety of entertainment from Ping Pong/Table Tennis, a Chinese Tea Ceremony & Tasting, Chinese Calligraphy to Chinese Dance.























I witnessed an intense game of Chinese Chess!



There were also music & dance performances from kids & teenagers. One of the instruments played was the Guzheng which is seen below.

16603052_10210515487538417_5907965540129961400_n 16602957_10210513978540693_3588317692384487698_n

The Food & My Overall Opinion


Food wise – Just outside the CHQ building, there were 3 food stalls where you could buy dumplings, chicken noodles, chicken curry & a type of burger/wrap. I had the chicken noodles as above. To be a bit critical: They had a few options at the stalls but I feel as if they would of done better with a few more stalls & a wider variety of options. They did have a couple of options for those who are vegetarian such as the noodles with no chicken & also the dumplings but compared to what you’d get on a take-away menu, the options were very minimal.


A mini market was also available with options of Wasabi, Chinese candy/sweets, Fortune cookies, Biscuits etc. (No spices, rice or food such as rice as you’d buy in the shops were available to buy)

To add to my review – There was no set event list for the day (I never came across any if there was one) so you pretty much had to wait around to see what was happening next. The event could of ran smoother if there was a set list so people knew what was where & if they should hang around or not.

My overall view:

Due to the two reasons above (Mainly the food stalls where you could buy your food but also the lack of authentic Chinese/Asian food at the market stall), I’d rate my experience an 8 1/2 out of 10. Everything else was exceptionally laid out & it was interesting to see China’s culture without having to leave the country for it. Although in saying that, I would love to visit China one day to see all the famous landmarks, try the authentic food & definitely get me a kimono as they were/are beautiful!

Lost my Job – Back at the Gym! 

It’s been a good two months at least since I’ve been last at the gym. I lost my job on Tuesday 17th of January. Decided what better way to spend my free time than to work on my fitness & be productive?! 🙂 

Currently doing 30 minutes on the bike, will do 25 or so on the treadmill & another 20 or so on the cross-trainer. Abs/Stomach wise – Will spend 5 to 10 minutes working on them. 

Barcelona – January 2017 (Day 4 & 5)


Today, I went to La Sagrada Familia & Tibidabo. Was possibly one of the best days ever.

To mention, I shall provide the relevant links below for you 🙂 



Across from La Sagrada Familia, there is a lake where I decided to go to get a different view of the cathedral. Ended up getting the reflection of the cathedral in the lake.


The Inside




There was also four placed decorations around the altar with Jesus, representating the four apostles. From left to right – Matthew, Mark, Luke & John

The Four Apostles on the pillars around Jesus in the middle of the Altar

You can also see Gaudi’s resting place (Crypt) where he was buried within the cathedral for free.


For a little keepsake/memory to bring home with you, you can buy a La Sagrada Familia coin from a machine within the cathedral. It costs €3.


The Outside:

It is all incredible to see the amount of detail that went & goes into keeping the cathedral in shape.




The greatest end to the day! Depending where you stay, it does take about half an hour to an hour to get there but believe me, it is worth every second of your time.

The view as you go up the cable car to the mountain where you then get the bus to the very peak of it. 


This is what awaits you at the top:


My Favourite Photos from Tibidabo:




My last day! This was spent packing my bag & heading straight to the airport as the flight was pretty early. Back home now but I have booked a weekend trip to Liverpool in May & will be going here & there at home so stay tuned for more 🙂




Barcelona – January 2017 (Day 3)

Forgot to mention this but yesterday, I got myself a new bag/rucksack for myself. 🙂 Couldn’t be happier with it. AND it was in the sale! 


While walking to the Barcelona Camp Nou football (soccer) stadium as my brother & Dad got tickets to see the game, I took a shot of this: 

I personally love it as there are so many colours in it. You have the light green tree to your left, dark green tree with oranges in it in the middle, the blue sky in the background, bit of yellow in the tree to the far right…

The stadium itself 🙂 When the guys went in, myself & my Mum decided to go to the Gothic Quarter in town. What a right choice we made! I shall let the photos do the talking. 


(Gothic Cathedral)

As we finished the Gothic Quarter, we then decided to head to the Pier as it was pretty close by. 

The bridge lifted up so this sailing boat can pass through! 

Bridge going back to the way it was

Took a panoramic as the sunset was too good to miss ❤ 

Sunset reflecting off the buildings & water 🙂 

Tomorrow’s agenda: Will be taking a tour to La Sagrada Familia & doing the tour inside. Stay tuned for more!