I’m Learning Korean!

Been keeping busy since the last time I posted! One main thing that I’ve been doing is studying Korean.


A few reasons –

  1. It all started with my love for K-Pop music.
    (2NE1, f(x), BigBang, BTOB, EXO, TVXQ! & Psy among others) I really got into the music & wanted to actually understand what was being sung. I’d look at the lyrics in all forms – English, Hangul & Romanized to understand it all. English so I know what is being said, Romanized for the pronunciation & Hangul more so for the writing of the words.
  2. At the moment, I’m fluent in Spanish but would love to learn more/another language.
  3. I’ve always wanted to travel the world. After taking a look into Korea (Seoul), I’ve already fallen in love with the city just by looking at other peoples blog posts on it, the reviews of a few places around & without a doubt, a look at the food it has to offer! Would love to have the chance to visit one day or even be able to teach.

How I’m Learning:

I’m aiming on sticking to one or two methods at the most within time but currently switching between these websites & apps while taking a load of notes:

  1. Learn Hangul Focusing on the pronunciation of the letters & words
  2. Learn Hangul in 15 Minutes For myself personally, I found this an easy way to remember most of the letters
  3. How to Study Korean This has 133 FREE lessons. From learning Hangul to full on grammar! 100% recommend
  4. Korean Language & Culture Blog
  5. Korlink for Android Korlink is the free unofficial app for people that want to follow the Korean lessons found on talktomeinkorean.com on their Android phone. There is also a link for the TTMIK book store where you can purchase phrasebooks & grammar textbooks to help you along even more.
  6. Korlink for iPhone
  7. Learn Korean for Android This app provides helpful phrases for every day life such as Introductions, Numbers, Greetings, Going to a Restaurant, Directions & more. It also provides a grammar section with 49 sections. Hypothetical situations, Intentions & Plans, Tenses & Basic Sentence structure among others.

I’m currently studying Hangul in more depth & while I can recognise a good few letters, I’m just getting my head around the grammar. For example, to say something along the lines of “Could I have a banana please?”, you would just say “바나나 주세요” which would translate to “Banana, please?” (Only easy example I could come up with but I hope you get my point!)


What was your method to learning Korean? Whether you’re living in Korea or learning it yourself, would you have any advice for starters like myself?

Make sure to follow me for more! 🙂 I may even post some of my progress on my Youtube channel once I actually get somewhere with learning.




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