Dublin Chinese New Year Festival

I had the best time on Sunday 5th of February! There was a Chinese New Year Festival held in The CHQ building in Dublin from 12pm – 6pm.


They had a variety of entertainment from Ping Pong/Table Tennis, a Chinese Tea Ceremony & Tasting, Chinese Calligraphy to Chinese Dance.























I witnessed an intense game of Chinese Chess!



There were also music & dance performances from kids & teenagers. One of the instruments played was the Guzheng which is seen below.

16603052_10210515487538417_5907965540129961400_n 16602957_10210513978540693_3588317692384487698_n

The Food & My Overall Opinion


Food wise – Just outside the CHQ building, there were 3 food stalls where you could buy dumplings, chicken noodles, chicken curry & a type of burger/wrap. I had the chicken noodles as above. To be a bit critical: They had a few options at the stalls but I feel as if they would of done better with a few more stalls & a wider variety of options. They did have a couple of options for those who are vegetarian such as the noodles with no chicken & also the dumplings but compared to what you’d get on a take-away menu, the options were very minimal.


A mini market was also available with options of Wasabi, Chinese candy/sweets, Fortune cookies, Biscuits etc. (No spices, rice or food such as rice as you’d buy in the shops were available to buy)

To add to my review – There was no set event list for the day (I never came across any if there was one) so you pretty much had to wait around to see what was happening next. The event could of ran smoother if there was a set list so people knew what was where & if they should hang around or not.

My overall view:

Due to the two reasons above (Mainly the food stalls where you could buy your food but also the lack of authentic Chinese/Asian food at the market stall), I’d rate my experience an 8 1/2 out of 10. Everything else was exceptionally laid out & it was interesting to see China’s culture without having to leave the country for it. Although in saying that, I would love to visit China one day to see all the famous landmarks, try the authentic food & definitely get me a kimono as they were/are beautiful!


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