Barcelona – January 2017 (Day 3)

Forgot to mention this but yesterday, I got myself a new bag/rucksack for myself. 🙂 Couldn’t be happier with it. AND it was in the sale! 


While walking to the Barcelona Camp Nou football (soccer) stadium as my brother & Dad got tickets to see the game, I took a shot of this: 

I personally love it as there are so many colours in it. You have the light green tree to your left, dark green tree with oranges in it in the middle, the blue sky in the background, bit of yellow in the tree to the far right…

The stadium itself 🙂 When the guys went in, myself & my Mum decided to go to the Gothic Quarter in town. What a right choice we made! I shall let the photos do the talking. 


(Gothic Cathedral)

As we finished the Gothic Quarter, we then decided to head to the Pier as it was pretty close by. 

The bridge lifted up so this sailing boat can pass through! 

Bridge going back to the way it was

Took a panoramic as the sunset was too good to miss ❤ 

Sunset reflecting off the buildings & water 🙂 

Tomorrow’s agenda: Will be taking a tour to La Sagrada Familia & doing the tour inside. Stay tuned for more! 


3 thoughts on “Barcelona – January 2017 (Day 3)”

    1. Would love to see Park Güell & Montjuïc Castle but maybe next time as I don’t think there is enough time to fit everything in! Will be back home to Ireland – Dublin on Monday afternoon. I’ve seen them before but would love to re-visit to take more photos & to blog about it properly 🙂

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