Trip to France – Nice

I was fortunate to travel to France – Nice in July of ’16. Also fortunate that an Aunt & Uncle of mine have a Summer apartment there with a breath taking view of the ocean so I stayed there.

The view outside the window
Nice at Sunset & Outside the Window
Beautiful Palm Trees Outside the Window

I got a map of the city & the bus routes to the city centre and set off the next morning to explore.


I walked down the promenade in the scorching heat with a cold bottle of water in hand. It was sad to see the memorials for those that passed away during the massacre on Bastille Day. (I arrived a week or two after it happened) As I got to the end of the promenade, I took a few photos of the beautiful view of the coastal area.


I then made my way to the Ascenseur de Chateau. From here,you could see a panoramic view of the city.



Panoramic View of Nice

My Assault Story:

I have to add my story in here though as a warning to other solo female travellers….When I went up to the Chateau around 10am/11am, I was admiring the view when a guy said “Bonjour” to me. Being polite, I said it in return. He could tell from my accent I wasn’t French & began speaking in English to me. Asked me where I was from & I said Ireland. He replied that he came from a country with French speaking people. Mentioned he had a hotel & was wondering why business was doing so bad. Hmm. “I wonder why…” I pondered in my head. Nothing at all to do with the city just having a massacre attack, no?!

Description of Man:

Just to describe the man in case you come across him: He is of Black race, approx. 30’s/early 40’s in age, quite a strong build/muscular & when I saw him he was in a sports tank top with shorts & runners. Carrying two (Purple?) dumbbells in his left hand. I felt it odd that he was working out or had just finished & not a break of sweat in sight!

He walked closer to me & proceeded to wrap his arms around me in a tight hug. He looked into my eyes and proceeded to kiss me on the cheek. This was beyond an invasion of my privacy but I felt it a French custom/tradition so allowed it thinking he’ll back off after. That did not happen. As I was attempting to look around for help & give him the many excuses I could think of, he slyly kissed me twice on the mouth. I was beyond disgusted at this point. He officially crossed the line. But for the big home run, he asked me to go swimming with him. Told him I have no swim gear/costume, he smiled at me & told me he’d wait for me in his car and we’ll go together. Said he’ll go to his car to change his shoes & wait until I was done. My God, how I ran up the rest of the stairs, took quick photos & ran to find another possible exit. (Found one in the end! Went in the elevator)


4 Cheeses from Pizza Fiorentina

My God, the food there is nothing like you’ve ever had. The pizza above is from Pizza Fiorentina. I was only in France, Nice for around 4-5 days so unfortunately didn’t get to travel around fully to experience the range of other foods available.

There is also an Irish pub (You’re never too far from home, are you?) called Ma Nolans that do live music, amazing food & not forgetting have a brilliant atmosphere.


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