My 2017 New Years Resolution

(In no particular order – More to be added as I think of others)

  • Get in shape/lose a bit of weight
    I’m currently around 11 stone (154 pounds/69.8kg) but wish to be down to maybe the 9 or 10 stone mark. For Christmas, I received the Fitbit Charge 2 which can keep track of how much water I’ve had, how much sleep I’ve gotten, weight I’ve lost & my heart rate among other features. I am hoping that this will motivate me to out-do my previous results & be healthier & fitter in 2017.
  • Eat Healthier
    Overall, I do have to say I have an excellent diet & eat well. I just find that after dinner, the snacking habits would begin. Majority of the time, it’d be a bowl of popcorn with Minstrels. I do try to keep it to a minimum (3-4 times a week) I am absolutely petrified of needles/injections so the last thing I want or need is Diabetes. Especially if I continue this unhealthy pattern.
  • Exercise more/Be more active
    I need to get myself to be more conscious exercise wise. Whether it be a 15 minute walk around the block or even walk to the gym up the road from myself for an hour or so work-out.
  • Work on my social media accounts
    I’d love for my Youtube & Instagram account to be focused on more than they already are. With Youtube, I’d only post videos 0f events I attended such as concerts to buskers on the street. I’d love to turn it into a “Vlog” type channel but I just need to figure out topics to talk about or even on my adventures to talk about interesting things instead of waffling on about irrelevant stuff that may make the watcher tune out/unsubscribe.
  • Work on my photography
    I’d love to have a website up for my photography & for it to be recognised. Would love to put a collection of them up for sale, have them at events etc. I literally have a whole hard-drive full of photos & would love seeing them being put to use. Another thing is to potentially get myself into the photography business & be available for any kind of events. The only thing is, I know how competitive it is & can be.
  • Be more Spiritual
    For the past few months, I’ve been very interested in mindfulness/meditation. I’ll be attending my first meditation class on the 6th of January ’17. I’d love to make it a regular thing so I don’t let the stress of the week or anything that’s on my mind get to me.
  • Read More
    When I was younger, I would always be seen with a book in my hand. Majority of the time, it’d be finished within the week. I’d love to get back into it instead of sitting around watching TV or just doing nothing. I do have a Kindle so could download some novels on to it! Any recommendations would be highly appreciated.
  • Start saving money
    I’d love to save up money for a lot of things! To name a few: Move into my own place, buy a car, travel the World, adopt a puppy/dog…
  • Learn Languages
    I can already speak Spanish pretty fluently but would love to learn other languages such as Polish, Korean, German, French & Italian. With Polish, I’m half but as I wasn’t brought up to speak the language, I only know the very very basics.
  • Volunteer
    I’m already volunteering for Foroige as a photographer but would love to also volunteer for an animal charity or one that helps LGBT people.
  • Travel More
  • Learn To Cook Other Recipes
    I can cook up a few nice dishes as displayed on my blog. but would love to have more variety. Learn how to do Asian style cooking, Indian, Italian etc.
  • Defend Myself
    Would absolutely love to learn self-defence. I may not ever need it but it’s worth it to know just on that slim chance.

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