My Bucket List

The below is in no particular order.

  1. Swim with dolphins
  2. Try authentic continental food – Indian food in India etc.
  3. Sky-Dive
  4. Learn to Snowboard
  5. Learn to Roller-Blade
  6. Learn to Skateboard
  7. Be able to speak Spanish fluently – At the moment I can read & understand it perfectly but when speaking, I’d need to take a second to think of the verb to use. I don’t want to keep pausing every time
  8. Learn Korean
  9. Learn Polish – I’m half Polish but was never brought up to speak it. Would love to communicate with my Polish family when I visit.
  10. Go Jet-Skiing
  11. Tone up my body – Stomach, Legs & Derrière
  12. Go on a cruise
  13. Go camel riding
  14. Go snorkelling
  15. Buy my own place
  16. Keep updating this blog on a frequent basis
  17. Create a travel diary
  18. Begin to cook again
  19. Make travel connections around the world
  20. Adopt puppies. My favourites: Husky, Labrador, Pomeranian, Corgi
  21. Continue eating healthily. Cut out chocolate as best as possible. Treat days are allowed. Chocolate two to three times a week
  22. Get recognised as a photographer
  23. Get a photo of mine published/photos of mine published
  24. Decorate wherever I settle with motivational quotes
  25. Create a memory book when travelling
  26. Save up as much money as possible to give towards parents mortgage
  27. Buy a drone
  28. Go dog-sledding
  29. Start vlogging on Youtube
  30. Get back into playing tennis
  31. Go to Disneyland
  32. Go to PortAventura
  33. Take my family away on vacation
  34. Find a way for my brother to meet Lionel Messi the soccer/football player
  35. Organise my hard-drive out properly

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