Powerscourt Waterfall

Today, Sunday the 27th of September 2015, was truly the most amazing day ever for me.


I got to go to see the Powerscourt Waterfall. Recorded as Irelands highest waterfall at 121 metres. We were lucky in Ireland as the sun stayed out. When I wasn’t photographing the waterfall or the breath taking landscapes around me, I decided to be my own photographer. If I may say so myself, I took a few nice ones of myself that I actually like. The one above is just one of them out of the many! I would highly recommend visiting Powerscourt Waterfall! As it was so sunny, a few people were having BBQ’s/barbeques and other people brought their own food and had a picnic. There is a kiosk that sells beverages and food (Burgers, chips etc.) on site but to my knowledge, I don’t think its open constantly.

All the information you need: http://powerscourt.com/waterfall.

Follow me on Instagram @Steph_Sophie91 for more photos and to continue following me on my journey as I venture to different places!


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